jfc i just loved soooo much that usaginoiz fic its just perfect and now i ship KouNoiz *u* do you write any other fanfic ?

That wasn’t a fic it was an AU headcanon :D

and no i dont really write… BUT THANK YOU SOOO MUCH

i just wanted to tell you that thanks to your usaginoiz headcanons i have been currently writing a 4+ page fanfic about it, hope you don't mind yeah

h my god yay!!! please please write it!!! omfg i am sooo happy

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where's the end of usaginoiz???


okay so let me rewrite this better okay? This is going to totally be like emperors new groove.

Noiz had recently became enemies with some bad people who  decide to lace his food. Noiz is passing by in Benishigure’s territory when all of a sudden he feels dizzy. He collapses and a few hours later, he awakens in the middle of the alleyway looking around and noticing something is a little off.

Well no, a lot different

He looks over at a puddle and sees… HE’S A RABBIT! A rabbit with two piercings on his long ears

He starts panicking and skitters around when he runs into something really hard that wasn’t there before.

"Oh… What’s this?" Noiz hears a robotic voice say as flapping wings came flapped behind him.

"Oh… it’s a bunny…" A familiar voice replies.

Before Noiz can react, big hands wrap around him and lift him up. He’s never liked people picking him up so he squirms and almost falls when the large hands quickly gather him up again; followed by a low laugh.

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me: come sleep over
guy: yes
me: sike *friendzoned*

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BeniTori… doing the frickle frackle… -cracks knuckles-

alright… BeniTori smut first then…



mink accepted tori enough to actually give him a name, aside from ‘bird’ ofc
he realized that tori wasn’t going to be just a tool for him anymore and just maybe he can grow attached
he even gave tori a name from his native language that’s just… gay……

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I havent drawn porn in a while